Alphatechs USA is excited to introduce its new line of pin pad stands.

Designed to be paired with any of our keypads, including protective covers, they come in various styles to match your cafeteria needs.

  • Our standard model comes with plates on both sides that can be screwed directly into your pin pad’s housing and any location of your choice.
  • Our magnetic model features 2 super strong magnets on both sides, making it easily moveable while providing secure attachment.
  • Our pin pad plyer and claw arm models allows you to easily attach the arm and move it from location to another while a plate is screwed to your pin pad.

Our stands and arms are made of PVC, acrylic and steel, are guaranteed to last and keep your pin pads secure during busy school lunch hours. For ultimate protection, we are suggesting also getting complementary anti-shock covers with your pin pads and stands.

If you’re not sure what stand model is best suited for your cafeteria, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with recommendations based on years of experience working in the industry.

Cafeteria Pin Pad Arm Stand Side
Magnetic Keypad Stands