Alphatechs USA manufactures pin pads for schools all over the US and, even though the implementation of these devices often becomes necessary, it isn’t always welcomed by students.

A few months ago, a San Francisco high school newspaper released an article regarding the implementation of a new pin cafeteria system. While the author acknowledges that these pin pads were most likely installed to refrain students to come back several times for more food, he echoes the frustration from students who are now experiencing longer lines because entering a pin number considerably slows down the check out process.

Finding the right balance between decreasing financial losses associated to freeloading and keeping students happy might be tricky which is why AlphaTechs USA launched its innovative line of keypads with scanners to solve this problem.

With the option to scan 1/2D, QR and RFID codes, our school cafeteria keypads with barcode readers are specifically designed to allow students to scan their ID fast and easy.

Implementing keypads with scanners rather than classic pin pads, will not only ensure that every meal is paid but will provide a stress-free experience for staff and children alike. Thanks to our innovative code readers, all they have to do is scan an ID which takes a couple seconds rather than tediously typing a code which is prone to mistakes.

AlphaTechs USA’s school cafeteria keypads with barcode readers are compatible with all US school software and available from reseller partners.

For more information regarding software compatibility, accessories or orders, feel free to contact us and we will get back to your shortly.

Based in Southern California, Alphatechs USA is a premier manufacturer of keypads for school cafeterias across the US and in Canada.

Cafeteria Pin Pad with 1D/2D Barcode Reader

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