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Top 5 Advantages of RFID Technology In Schools

Here are the top 5 benefits of RFID technology in schools.

The Benefits of Using QR Codes In Education

QR codes offer a more engaging and efficient experience at school.

Compatible School Cafeteria POS Software

A frequent question we get from schools is whether our pin pad are compatible.

How To Choose The Best Pin Pad For Your School Cafeteria

Top 5 factors you should consider to select the best pin pad for your school cafeteria.

USB Cables For School Cafeteria Keypads

Alphatechs USA currently offers 3 types of USB cables for its pin pads.

Top 9 Tips To Make School Cafeteria Lunch Lines Go Faster

Find out how to improve efficiency in school cafeteria lunch lines.

Alphatechs USA at SNA’s ANC 2023 in Denver

Alphatechs USA was presenting its keypads at SNA 2023 in Denver.

Introducing Our New Innovative Cafeteria Keypad With QR Scanner

Alphatechs USA is proud to present AlphaScan QR, a game changing keypad with QR scanner.

9 Essential Elementary School Cafeteria Management Tips

Essential school cafeteria management tips: creating order and promoting healthy habits.

Monitoring School Cafeteria Activity While Keeping the Line Moving

How to monitor school cafeteria activity while keeping the line moving with keypads for fast & easy check out.

School Cafeteria Keypad Models

School Cafeteria Keypad Models

AlphaTechs USA’s cafeteria keypads are currently available in 2 models, the original pin pads where students type their ID and scan pads with barcode readers which quickly scan their ID.

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